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So you like reading about milk enemas?



god i read that think when it was ryden like a million years ago or whenever that was. you guys aren’t half as internet creepy as me

i’ll be honest though, i remember at the time thinking i knew most things about sex ..but that.. yeah 

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the gerard’s ex-boyfriends tour starts soon


God bless Bo Burnham


every class is art class if you dont care enough

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Hi, could you post a link to your zodiac page? I'm on mobile so I can't see it, I'd love to know what information you have about Libras! Thank you :)



"I Balance"

Stars in her eyes and bows in her hair, Libra is a hopeless romantic and the beauty of the zodiac.  She loves aesthetic touches and harmony in all things, giving her very good taste and fashion sense.  Libras are charming, lovable, caring, and would fight a hoard of evil zombie robots to protect her loved ones and the sanctity of her concord.  On the downside, Libra gets a little too lovable sometimes and has the reputation of being a flirt, but who said you can’t love everyone?  The life of a Libra is usually a topsy-turvy parade as she tries to balance her many multi-faceted, crystal-like emotions and create peace in the world, but once she gets it, that clever girl can bring Zen to any situation.  A Libra in balance walks on rainbows and shoots lotus blossoms from her fingertips.

☉ ☽ ✫ • ☾ ☄ ☀ ◯

Side note:  I wrote these all around 4 years ago and it was back when tumblr was 99.9 percent female instead of 97 percent female, haha, so everything is very cheesy and female centric. :) Libras are natural mediators, so they are wonderful to have around because they are very calming and diplomatic when there is tension in the friend group, but they are also really fun to party with!  There is a high tendency for Libras to be bipolar, perhaps because of their duality (I have several friends like this).

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The Punk Singer (2013)

Generation Runaway - Chapter 4: The Friction




This story will not make sense unless you have previously read ‘Trust Me, Lie To Me’

My Chemical Romance Fan Fiction

Archive Of Our Own

finally!!! do you have an idea how much i’ve been waiting for this? c’mon! write more, please!

Dude, chill! Updates are every 2 weeks on Sundays, I swear I always make that clear.. plus I always have the links to the fics on the ‘My Fan Fictions’ page on my blog.. :) xo

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